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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Journey of learning to write

Well as a few of you will know from following this blog, I have been having an eventful year but through it all I have met some wonderful people in the writing world. I say meet them I mean through Twitter, Facebook, email, writing blogs etc. We have never met in the physical sence.

I can honestly say Joanne at The Creative Penn, Gary at Bubblecow and of course Nick Daws (who without his courses and support none of this would have been possible) have truly been there with hits and tips and just the right amount of motivation to lead to the success of finally having my first ebook published. It is now with Smashwords.com at  http://bit,ly/aAgHV . Take Control Of your Pain is an ebook to help the reader be in charge of thier pain.

Copyblogger is another inspiration to continue to blog and learn the alien world (to me) of SEO. I have not mastered it yet. I know amongst the emails, the blogs and twitter updates find time to learn on a constant basis. The skills of writing, connecting with you the reader and the technical side of things. Producing a webpage, converting a word document to a pdf or a jpeg file ( that you need for a cover for your book).

These are all new skills to me, and in many ways a forgien language, one I feel I am at best currently a little better schooldays pigeon French! The big thing I am prepared to learn, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by it but don't we all when learning something new. It can be scary, outside our comfort zone from learning to drive to our first day at a new job. Just as you have a teacher at school, at tutor at universecity, a driving instrutor to teach you how to move a ton of metal from a to b, your parents encouraging your first steps and speech, we are constantly learning from the day we are born to the day we leave this planet. If we stop learning, stretching ourselves, we do not develop.

We all fell numerous times when learning to walk and our parents where there to guide us and pick us up. Just as I have met along my journey new people who have helped me and guided me even when they did not know it.
The writing world is like that, we may type at home alone but we have our support network, not just our friends and family who have supported me. Yes my biggest champion is my husband and he was the one who master the book cover I struggled with.

I am throughly happy with my third career, I have support now, never dreamed of from my previous careers. From real people I may never meet who just want you to succeed. That to me is priceless.