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It has been a rollercoaster ride since my diagnosis of that I cannot deny!
I had the added problem of losing the use of my left hand and shooting pains down my legs, hence it was unsafe for me to drive and walking very far is very painful.
This got my mojo down more as it seemed to rob me of my independence!
I know I am not alone in this and there are folk far worse off than me!
Some of my readers will know I am waiting for a MRI scan of my brain and spine, I joke with folk it is to see if I have one. We are great at self mocking when we are feeling low. I have recently returned from a sunny break in the South West of the UK.
You are going to ask well how is this of benefit to me?
Hopefully if you bear with me I will explain. I started this blog when first diagnosed as my way of dealing with it and I thought if anything I can share can benefit anyone else, then it was even more worthwhile.
During my visit I caught up with Family who themselves are adjusting to seeing me with a walking stick and in pain. However one person who I will never get tea and sympathy given on a plate  from is my younger brother. Well slight misnomer, he will offer a cuppa when I visit.
For once I was able to learn from my younger sibling, he had recently been through many changes in his life and he had adjusted and will keep adjusting as the needs be.
When I told him, I was waiting for my MRI appointment and hopefully it was a mechanical problem that could be fixed, he said"and what are you going to do if they can't fix it"? You deal with it, you adjust your life and move on. The conversation was a little distressing at the time but you know what, he is right. Sometimes you have to face the facts and deal with it!
When my hands were sore from typing, did I cry in the corner, no I mentioned it on Twitter and soon came the suggestion that I try Dragon the speak/type software and I did and I was even invited to guest blog about it on my mentor's site Nick Daws. In other words, I did not let my sore hands defeat me I dealt with it! My brother was not being hurtful, he was getting me to face the facts.
Sometimes we can live our lives in the what if???
What if I won the lottery?
What if I had the perfect health?
Well do you know what, I don't even play the lottery, so that's not going to happen, and I do not have the perfect health but so what!
I am alive, not always kicking, legs can hurt too much! Fibromyalgia is not life threatening, it's not nice, it's not even constant, it only constant seems to be is that it changes.
It is hard when you have stabbing chest pain and classic pains shooting down your arm. You start to think you are having a heart attack but the then Fibro laughs at you and the pain moves to your leg and head and you just have to tell yourself, it is Fibro messing with your head!!
I learnt a lesson from my younger brother, no matter what life throws at you, all you can do is laugh right back at it! We can adapt, we can change, that is what makes us human after all.
I hope you enjoy these insights with my journey with Fibromyalgia, drop us a line, feel free to comment, I will always reply.
To more good days than bad, enjoy the sunshine :-)