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Friday, 21 January 2011

To Blog or not to Blog and the Frequency 1, 3, or daily that is the question?

They say to write about what you know.

If you were ask anyone to sum up my knowledge and what they know about me; it would be Health matters, closely followed by Cooking/baking and now writing. 

There are lots of ideas of how often you should blog and from what I have read it seems the optimum appears to be 3 times a week. The advice also states no matter how often you blog, DO IT REGULARLY!!

Due to commitments and family tragedies last year that was not easy to achieve.
So New Year, fresh start, to turn a new leaf to coin a phrase, I am starting now! 

What I need however is your help, your comments and interaction will assist me in keeping to this pledge!
The advice I have read is to keep to set themes, do not go off track, so have decided to blog on three main topics.
1)  My continuing journey of writing and sending out any helpful hints and tips along the way I find.
2) A blog on health matters hints and tips to just assist with those little concerns and I love to hear from you regarding your concerns.
3) Cooking and baking with a focus on reducing the bloating we feel, tiredness etc., this can be linked to wheat intolerance, so will put tried and tested recipes for you to try. 
Sometimes all three will be linked as I write on health and how it can be improved with what we eat. 

Don't get me wrong I am not an expert, nor profess to be, I am not a Dietician but a health professional who has personal experience of Wheat Intolerance. 
Just to clarify Wheat Intolerance is totally different to an allergy or gluten intolerance for which you need to see your medical practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

Why cooking and baking, well to me it is a kind of therapy.  If stressed, baking calms me.  If I hit writers block as we all seem to do from time to time or inspiration just flies out of the window, then I whip up something tasty or bake and bake until family and freezer full!

Apart from watching my mother as a child and a few regimented domestic science (cookery) lessons at school, I am pretty much self-taught.  My mother said I had a knack to look at a recipe, be able to follow it and produce a fairly accurate result first time.

These days we all want tasty, healthy food we can enjoy without the guilt.  Hopefully through these posts I can show you that you can. I will include recipes that have been thoroughly tested and enjoyed by family and friends.

They will be
 1) Low fat,
 2) Low salt,
 3) Low GI ( keep you fuller for longer)
 4) Low wheat, some even wheat free.
Lastly there will be no Coconut Why no Coconut I hear you ask?  That is because I am allergic, cannot stand the smell, taste, texture at all.  So if you love the stuff please feel free to add I will mention when I have substituted coconut for other ingredients.
The blog will demonstrate how you can look at any recipe and adapt to suit your needs and the needs of your family.

Any questions on this or anything, please feel free to comment below, I welcome, your questions, feedback and comments and promise to answer.