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Monday, 11 July 2011

My top seven passionate relationships!!

When I revamped this blog a few weeks ago, little did I know where it was going to take me!

Yes one of my passions is the relationships each and everyone one of us hold but it does not just need to be with people but objects, cars, each other, our online relationships. In our technological world, we are tweeting, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, blogs, forums, I could go on, many people that I came across everyday, yet I have never met personally. Do you need to meet to have a relationship? Well I gave the topic some thought and this is what I came up with:

1/ Very obvious, my personal relationships, my husband gives me strength everyday, no matter what I am attempting to do, he has that faith in me that I can do whatever I want. He encourages me to write, to blog and recently have been drafting blogs for his website and new business First with Iain. We try to support each other. Do you have someone who gives you that faith and support to you on a daily basis?

2/ My children and my extended family support my writing and always want me to be happy and not in pain, not always easy since Fibromyalgia came into my life. It is something we work on together. Slowly my extended family are realising the impact of Fibro can have on my daily life.

3/ My dogs, Boris and Flora always there following me from room to room, sitting at my feet as I write. Always there giving affection as they receive it, never turning away. I never thought I would develop such strong bonds and relationships with our dogs but now as I am housebound most days they are the company to keep me sane.

4/ My writer mentors and friends, people I have never met but who give their advice and support freely. I always thank Nick Daws at this point as without him as his courses, guidance and support I would never have started writing in the first place. Who inspires you to write? What started you on the path of writing? Finally what sustains you to continue to write? If ever I am stuck for words or inspiration, I load one of his courses and soon the inspiration is flowing.

5/ In Jan 2009 I joined Rosemary Conley's online group to try to lose weight whilst my husband was away for six months on foreign soil. Here on the forum I met some lovely ladies, who although we no longer use the forum, we support each other on Facebook. I have never met these wonderful ladies and one in particular always reads my blogs, will comment and support. If I am down she never fails to make me laugh or smile and when she reads this will know who I am referring to.

6/ Fellow writers who blog, whether they are editors, publishers or simply writers sharing their knowledge. Joanna at The Creative Penn, Joe Konrath at A Newbie's guide to Publishing. Lately I have been wanting to write short stories as a break from the non fiction or my novel staring at me unfinished and crying for attention. Rebecca Emin is fabulous at Flash fiction and has many stories published by Ether books for Ipad or Itouch family. It even inspired me to purchase my own Itouch, which I am still learning but found I can carry many books in my handbag with very little weight and my diary all rolled into one. I am becoming quite passionate about this useful little tool in my handbag.

7/ my relationship with my author's platform and the tools I use to build it. My Twitter account, My Facebook followers, You my blog readers and the tools I use to achieve this. The love hate relationship we have with our PC, the frustrations we can have when your Internet is down, so you cannot blog or a virus holding you up whilst you clean your PC

This last week I was a little pleased with myself as managed to blog 3 times a week for past few weeks. They say pride comes before a fall, well mine did. PC did not want to work, a huge virus scan later discovered nothing but some adware cookies but enough for PC to go on strike. Then when I gently encouraged it to work, the Internet was done, with all the stormy weather we had and lastly to top the the lot, we had numerous power cuts. So a word of warning as we develop new relationships daily, sometimes the simplest things will trip you up!


  1. Lesley that is absolutely gorgeous of you, thank you so much for the mention, and for being so incredibly kind. I really appreciate it. xx

  2. Your welcome Rebecca, you really have inspired me to try flash fiction but it really is an art that you have mastered xx


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