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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Setting goals

Many of you will have heard and no doubt groaned when your employer has brought someone in to talk about setting goals. The setting of realistic achievable goals.
Achievable, or Actionable
Recordable or Realistic and most of all Review
Time Specific Targetted.

I have been there, more in the sales enviroment than in my health career, sometimes they worked but many times they did not, reason, I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I was only doing it for my boss, it was another chore I did not need in my already extremely busy life. We are all jugglers, some are better than others, I do not mean literally but metaphorically, we juggle our work/ life balance, our home life, children, parents, siblings, friends, social life, where does it end? Now they want us to write goals too?
That used to be my thoughts, I am organised enough, my time management is great, everything gets done one way or another, so whats the problem.
Why am I telling you this and what has it got to do with my new writing career? Hey why are you interested after all?
It is very easy as writers to procrasinate, we can sit staring at our notebook or pc screen awaiting inspiration but wouldn't it be great if when you started your day, you already knew what you were going to do, what you were going to write. Yeah! inspiration can hit us at any time and we have our notebook at the ready to write it down before its gone but if you have your to do list made up from and linked to your smart goals, how much better would you feel.
I thought I was being smart, I tried to set a goal of having my website up and running by the end of April. In reality I used my old method of not really following it through. Purchased my domain name and hosting, so I would be motivated to set it going. Well end of April came and went and guess what no website but I found a free one in which to practise, it was free so I could do it but not the one I had paid good money for, madness!
I also set myself the goal and target of 1st draft of 1st Ebook by end of April, this did not happen. I thought I could write it easily when away for 10 days in North Devon. Unfortunately I had not counted on the variables or what could go wrong, what my own strengths and weaknesses are.
In reality it was lovely sunny weather but no Surf and the main purpose of the visit was the Army Surf  Kayak competition. With a distinct lack of surf, which meant much of the team, hanging around the site debating the lack of surf and where they could find better waves.
It is a lesson I have learned, I need peace and quiet. I can write almost anywhere but not if there are too many distractions or like a butterfly I will flit from one thing to another.
Today I am enjoying the sunshine sitting in our car, whilst waiting for my husband whilst he sees his Osteopath for his strained back.
These quiet times offer the perfect opportunity for me to write. I have now rewritten my goals and although book not quite finished, website is up and running at http://www.sloanwriter.com/ .

It is only 8 degrees outside the car, however with the sun shining through it feels quite toasty; I even have the window half open, so I can hear the birds outside. I love writing in these circumstances, the words just flow across the page. does this mean I am a fair weather writer only, I sincerely hope not.

Where do you write best? If not a writer, in what circumstances do you shine best in your work and home?
Take these into account when you write your goals.

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