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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

1st book published

Well we are here at last!!

Where is here you ask, well in case you did not get the memo, Lesley aka sloanwriter first ebook is now published. So far it is on Smashwords.com and hopefully soon on Clickbank.

On Smashwords, your book goes through the affectionally known process as the meatgrinder. You need to format your book in a way, you may otherwise not for a PDF for example. The plus side is that the meatgrinder makes it avaialbe to any downloadable format. Kindle, IPad, Epub, etc, the downside is that you can't have any text boxes or tables. If you only want to sell your book as you intended then opt just for Clickbank not Smashwords. However if you do not have  text boxes ( mine was for a drawing) or tables as in a novel, they are excellant if you follow thier guidelines for formatting.

For those of you who have not heard, my first ebook is about pain management. Take Control of your Pain.

Is a how to guide to enable anyone to gain a better understanding of thier pain, put them in charge and not let them feel overwhelmed by it. Simple tools to use on a daily basis whether you have a pounding headache, back ache, joint pain or even cancer pain. You can show your pain who is boss and develop a better relationship with your medical practitioner or health professional. In effect you can talk their language.

Anyone can benefit from this book, if you suffer from a painful condition or just a nagging headache, this can help you take control.

If I have whetted your appetite or you are one of the many asking when it was to be published, I have a 50% off promotion, all I ask in return is that once you have read it, please leave a review. To gain your 50% discount you need to add this coupon code at checkout. HX32N this is valid currently for a short promotional time only, so hurry, buy, read and review soon.

Many thanks to all for your patience

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