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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Writing your book is only the first step!

Having a book, either printed form via a traditional route of a publisher, being self published or producing  a new ebook as I have is only the 1st step.My book was completed some time ago but I decided to publish it on Smashwords, this needs then to be completely reformatted but if you follow their guide you will succeed.Next I needed to produce a sales page to promote it and sell through clickbank, who needs a sales page or pitch page they call it and a thank you page.  You need to follow their guidance carefully and being no webmaster this took time.
I have been successful and now have copies of my book at both Smashwords and clickbank; I also promote it through my personal webpage and its own sales page.I am now utilising my previous experience of marketing and sales to promote, promote.
 Some interesting facts I have picked up, there are approx 65 billion people in the world, only 1.5 billion currently use the internet.  45 million users of the internet in the UK approx 70% of the population; which means 30% of the population have no access to my book if I purely at internet sales.
So with Kindle, IPAD’s Iphones, Ereaders etc on the increase, do I need to look at other methods of getting my message across.According to Business link SW 88 billion was spent on online sales last year and currently looking at 121 billion this year.
 So the book is written, published, it has a webpage, what else can I do? 
Social media and blogs.
The figures I am quoting again come from a business link workshop but Facebook were at 550 million users, it now thought to have surpassed 100 million.  Twitter over 160 million users, My space 110 million, LinkedIn 75 million all are approx as growing every day.
However YouTube is the 2nd highest most searched site on the internet.  Not sure if I am ready for it but I might brave a video of me talking about my book, watch this space!
Next I am looking at a newsletter but must think carefully as to the content etc but again watch this space!I have registered my sites with Google, Yahoo and Bing and in-between all this promotion, I need to write, like I need to breathe, it has become part of me.
So I blog, write articles and plan new books.  I am currently working on two projects, one health related subject and one for children of all ages including adults.
So to conclude I am now considering instead of fitting in blogs when I can, having a regular Wednesday blog as today on my journey of writing and having a Friday blog as a health related topic.
Let me know your thoughts, would love to hear from you.  Either leave a comment below or a message on my webpage of guest page.
Your choice, will gladly respond to all.

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