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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Competition update

Well when I had the idea to follow in the footsteps of my very successful friend Rebbecca Emin, little did I know what to expect!

This is my first competition run on this blog and depending on the success of this one I may do more with more prizes! The entries are now trickling in, would love to receive more to give my judges who are non writing folk, they are readers. It will be whose they most enjoy who will win. I will not judge but print them and pass them to them and await their feedback.

Whatever our genre and the topic is not age, despite my title being is 50 the new 40, no the topic is 50.
It could be a golden wedding, it could be 50 red balloons anything you fancy, yes even 50 monsters/ vampires if that is your genre, as long as 50 is in there somewhere. I am not that strict on word count, and I am certainly not going to count them, so have a go, even if you don't want a copy of my book, I am sure someone will. Unfortunately we will all know someone who lives with Chronic pain and my book is easy steps to help them gain control.

Despite all my years of assisting others to control their pain, I have needed to take my own lessons and no I am not always the best patient but I know live with chronic pain but yes I am in control, it does not control me. I have needed to work with my health practitioner to gain the right medication for me but it works. I know have a range of methods to control my pain.I am currently working on the second edition and have made the decision that everyone who has purchased the 1st edition but get the update for free.

It has been an interesting week, I attended an webinar on how to attract more attention to my blog run by Gary at Bubblecow and Freya at Bookbuzzr. If you have not come across either of this fabulous folk before, please check them out. I have hyperlinked there names. It is the second webinar I have attended and I will certainly attend more given the opportunity. If you cannot make the allotted time slot to hear it live, provided you register, you can download it and listen to it later.

I will certainly be implementing some changes to this blog baised on the excellant advice from Gary.
So my tips from this blog, one enter the competition, no seriously if you only do one thing check out the links I have included on this blog, you will learn so much as I have, afterall if you want success as we all do in one shape or another than what better than to follow and emulate successful people.

Any questions regarding this or the competion please feel free to comment below. Look forward to hearing from you soon


  1. Hi Lesley,
    I just submitted my entry, "How P.G. Wodehouse Saved My Life"

    I hope you enjoy reading it.

    Happy birthday and thanks for organizing such a fun contest.

    Good luck to all who have sent their stories.

  2. Thank you Rohi, Your entry just made it! They will be sent to my judges tomorrow and hope to declare the top six very soon with top three recieving thier prizes. Good Luck!


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