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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Is 50 really the new 40? Short Story Competition

In a few short weeks I turn 50, I was hoping to have a huge big party and celebrate with a bang. After all isn't 50 supposed to be the new 40 so life will begin again. Certainly the last 10 years have brought there fair amount of change.

I enjoyed watching felllow writer and online friend Rebecca Emin launch a competition of Flash Fiction for her recent birthday. I enjoyed the excitement it built towards her big day. She recommended I follow suit, so I thought I am useless at her skill of Flash Fiction but short stories would be more suited to me.

So I thought what does 50 mean to you?

You can write any genre and 50 does not need to mean age but I would like your story around the topic 50 and to be around 500 words.

First prize will be £10 (or equivalent) plus a copy of one of Take Control of your pain.

Second prize will be a copy of Take control of your pain.

Third prize will be a choice of a copy of Festival on Lyris Five  by Nick Daws.

Here's the obligatory list of rules:

1. E-mail your entry to sloanwriter@btinternet.com Your entry should be in word format. Please do not include your name on the word document itself. 

2. Wordcount is 500 maximum including the title but not your name. This can be plus or minus 5%

3. Please only submit your own work. Previously blogged/published/adapted works are allowed, and copyright remains with the author at all times.

4.If you enter this competition, you agree that your entry may be published on my blog after the competition closes.

5. The competition is open to anyone, until the last timezone passes midnight on 6th June 2011

6. Your entry will be disregarded if it does not include the theme 50.

7. Any genre is allowed.

8. Only one entry per person please.

9. Judging will be by a carefully selected panel of readers. Their decision will be final, whether I agree with them or  not ;o)

10. I will acknowledge receipt of every entry. If you do not hear from me within 3 days of submission, please feel free to query.

You can find an update on the competition here

Rules kindly adapted from Rebecca Emin 


  1. Hi Lesley, this sounds like a lot of fun, I hope you get a lot of interesting entries.

    Rebecca :o)

  2. Ooh, my first visit to your blog and you've set a challenge! I will have to see if inspiration strikes.

    You should definitely have a big celebration for your fiftieth, there are not enough parties in the world these days :)

  3. Thanks Sarah, would love to recieve your entry. Unfortuately health problems of late, make planning a big bash difficult, hence the competition.

  4. Thanks Rebecca, I hope so too, I am looking forward to it!

  5. Sounds like fun! I'm just hoping 35's the new 25. :) Hope you enjoy your upcoming celebration!

  6. If you feel 25 I am sure you will be Kimberly. I am sure husband will have something up his sleeve for birthday. Me I would be happy with lots of entries to competition. The topic is 50 but does need to relate to age. Have fun and enter!


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