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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Writer's routine

So it hit me this morning, in the shower of all places, I was actually starting to get back a good routine. This was reminscent of the days I rushed out each morning either in uniform to the hospital or in suits to the high powered, high energy and at times high stress sales career!

For those of you who read my earlier blog this week, you will know of the pledge I made to myself to complete my ebook and have it ready to publish by 1st September. Yes I do mean this year!!

So far it is working, i was able to sit and write, edit and rewrite nearly half of the book yesterday. Although a quick review of the second half, might take a little longer.

So my epithany this morning, Do other writers have a routine? Yesterday I felt able and comfortable not doing any housework. I did manage to retrieve some meat from the freezer to defrost for the making's of the evening meal. No I did not manage to make it, have it lovinly prepared and on the table for when husband came home.
Was he bothered, no he was pleased as I had achieved a good writing day and it gave him the opportunity to fetch the cookery books. He used to enjoy cooking, which we shared when I worked full time but since turning my back on the long hours driving to working from home; he has had less opportunity.
He has already decided on a Jamie Oliver recipe for tonight, my input required, some nice fresh baked bread to go with his culiarny delight. So the bread is in the bread maker, the coffee pot has been refilled ready to start my writing day.

The routine I had set myself in order to discipline and focus my efforts on my writing, set me thinking what do other writers do?
We work from home, we set our own hours but do you have a set routine or do you wing it?
Do you have a favourite pen?
A particular mug for your brew? Mine's a mug I treated myself to from the Literary company " Go away I'm writing". When I bought it, I thought it was sending a message to the family, not to distrate me but the truth is I believe it is a message for me to focus on my writing.

If I want to focus this as my third career, I need to treat it as such. So feeling confident with freshly blow dried hair and even a bit of lippy on I am ready. I may not wear the suits anymore but if I treat my new career casually, how can I expect anyone else to take it seriously?

So I ask the writers/authors out there, what's your routine?
How do you focus and separate home from our work, our writing?

Love to hear your thoughts, Please leave a comment below or find me on Facebook or twitter as Sloanwriter.
Thanks for stopping by.

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