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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

10 things you don't know about me!

Nick Daws sent me this recently from his blog and suggested I do the same so here goes. Some may know a few of these but hopefully I will surprise you.

1/ Despite what my family might think or believe, I love the outdoors, the Countryside and the sea. Wether it is walking along a beach with our dogs Boris and Flora or scrambling through the wild heather of  Scotland and the wild scenery of Dartmoor

2/ We have a Caravan we named Ernie after an Great Uncle left me a small legacy and we put it towards the purchase.

3/ I had the confidence to get into a wetsuit for the 1st time last year, may not seem much to some but I had the fear of being a beached whale so would not do it. It felt great and I was told no whales in sight!

4/ I love being creative, wether it is outlining my next article, my book, a story, baking or sewing.

5/ Sometimes I can write with noise and distractions and other times I feel I have to be as Stephen Fry admitted to on his blog, completely cutoff, no distractions such as the freshly baked bread just alarming for my attention right now!

6/ I love taking recipes and seeing how I can make it healthier or my version of it to suit our tastes. I even wrote an articule on this and may even do a book if there is any interest.

7/ Fallen in love with Scotland not to live but to visit, and my husband encourage me to walk up my first mountain last year Glenmore. Although it was not a Munro but a Graham it was still a mountain to me.

8/ Love the thrill of learning something new and how I can make a success out of it, obviously currently that is writing.

9/ I used to imagine as a child that I was floating, often in the playground, until the school bell rang when of course I would float back down again often with a bump!!

10/ Ok I can't count on first version of this blog only wrote 9 things not 10 until it was nicely picked up by my husband . Note to self check and check before publishing. So here is number 10: I simply love healthy debate not arguements but debating a subject with friends and if it can be washed down with a glass of red I am in heaven.

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  1. Nice post~ nice way to find out some interesting things about people! Keep up the writing!


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