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Sunday, 4 April 2010

So you feel you have a book inside you, What next??

Like many of you I feel like I have an idea for a book, well at least I did before I started now; I have loads of ideas!!

So where do you start, they say everyone has at least one book inside them, now I have started I feel I have quite a few.

So where do you go from here??

Like a lot of folk I looked at a Creative writing course, puchased one, a very good one and was fired with loads of enthusiaism, so why have I not finished it??

Partly like many as I have discovered along the way, it is not the right path for them, they get to assigment 2 or 4 and stop, maybe because this usually focuses on magazines and you came into this as you wanted to write a book didn't you?? I did and hence I got bogged down with research into magazines etc and did not have the confindence to either return my assignments or to complete an article and send it off.

I was extremely lucky to come across my mentor Nick Daws and his courses of which he has designed many and written many books.

He breaks it down, makes it simple, gives you the confidence that anyone can do it.

So if you have bought or started a creative writing course and you feeling bogged down or lost your way, don't lose heart, search out another to give you inspiration and what works for you.

It is not going to do the work for you but give you inspiration and confidence to go for it. It worked for me.

Answering an advert on a Sunday thinking I did not have a chance but had nothing to lose by Monday morning I had been accepted and was writing my first articule.

Guess what woke up Tuesday morning and found it was published, my first articule not returned for editing, not rejected but published, I floating on that fantastic cloud all day, so much so that I easily wrote and submitted three more articules.

Woke up Wednesday morning to emails confirming I now had three more published on the net, even did something I had never done before and Googled myself and there I was, complete with short bio.

So what I am saying is, if I can do it so can you if you really want to.

I would have never had the confidence to have my own blog without it and I am now looking to have my own website and ebooks and novels to follow.

My advice GO FOR IT!!

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