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Monday, 12 April 2010

What do you do inbetween your short bursts of creative writing?

It struck me the other day, what do other writers do??

My mentor Nick Daws of "write any book in 28 days" and more recently the "10 day Ebook" advises writing in five minute bursts of free writing. This is after you have outlined and blueprinted your book or even article. Well it works for me but what do you do inbetween?
For me it varies, according to what I have on my To Do list, drafted the night before.
Yesterday it was to sew another badge on husband's uniform which can take five to ten minutes, I can then get back to my next question or section in my blueprint and freewrite again.
Other days I might alternate between non fiction work to working on my novel. You need to be disciplined though and go back to your ongoing project and not get distracted but hey so far its working for me.

This morning it also hit me, do you have a routine??
I need one, maybe it harks back to the working discipline of nursing or my sales career but I was finding until I established a routine, I could drift. I could look at the pile of washing or baking needing to be done and it was more appealing then getting pen to papper or tapping the keys on my laptop. I would feel guilty if the house wasn't just so, even if my very supportive husband said leave it till later, I couldn't.
Now however I have set up a new plan of action for me and so far its working, I will probably need to be flexible as it goes on but that the point isn't it, I can be!
Getting up early with husband, walking the dogs, sharing breakfast, seeing him off ( something I could not do when working in previous careers as often left before him, and boy does it feel good).
 As the kitchen gets cleared and whatever chores  on my list are to be done but by ten am; I stop having completed chores, pour a coffee and head for laptop to start my writing day.

So now with my blog done for today its back to free write my next section of my book!

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