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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Top seven Passions

What is Lesley Galston Passionate about and why you should care? Really why would you?

Some of my passions will be yours and here is my top 7 and why!

1. HEALTH.   self explanatory really  health is something we cannot buy, we all want to remain in as good a health as possible. If not we need to learn to adapt/ change how we live so our health condition lives with us and not takes over. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyaglia but it lives with me, sometimes I will trip up, only human, so it will feel as if it rules my life. Any chronic condition like this, there is no magic cure, we learn to adapt. So occasionally I will blog about health. I have over 20 years experience as a health professional as well as living with a chronic condition.

2. READING. I once read a quote from Stephen King, if you do not read, how can you write. I have loved reading long before I became a writer. Here I hope to share my passion for reading, just as you can share yours. I remember buying the first Harry Potter books to see what all the fuss was about. I wanted to expand my son's reading from Fantastic Mr Fox by the childrens master Mr Dahl. Once I read the first book I was hooked. What series of books has hooked you from the beggining to the end?

3. WRITING.      I am a writer, an author so occasionally I will share things I have learnt as a writer but I do not want to write just another writing blog, there are many good ones out there. My writing blog Nick Daws, my teacher and mentor, Bubblecow, helping writers to become published, Kristen Lamb, I recently discovered her and she is the reason for the revamp of this blog to Lesley's passions. I could just write a writing blog but the only readers I am going to attract are fellow writers and while I have made some great writer friends. I need to expand my readership. Share my writing, my books.

4. RELATIONSHIPS.   I am not an expert nor an cousellor however, relationships help define who we are. I am a daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend. We have family relationships, work relationships and we have our networking. Having a blog is a form of networking, I am reaching out to readers of blogs, to many I have never met personally but will develop a relationship with if they decide to follow this passionate person.

5. COOKING.       We al have to eat, so what a better way to share but to share our passion for food. I love to cook but I know there are others who struggle and give up. Hopefully by sharing my passion for cooking, baking, some of it might rub off on to you. My mother did encourage me in the kitchen but we were limited to my families taste. Not everyone will share your passion for what you like, but you can try to experiment.
The first time I proudly made spagetti bolengese for my family, my father asked where was the chips/fries. He has misunderstood and thought it was spagetti out of a tin! Lesson learnt and never forgotten!

6. RED WINE      Well yours maybe be white or rose' I do drink them sometimes but mostly I share my passion for red wine with my husband. We love trying new wines, we joined a wine club, which stated they would replace any not to our liking, so far we have found none we have not liked. Growing up as young adult I loved the German whites that were all so vogue of the time, Black Tower, Blue Nun, Leibfraumilch, and Mateous Rose. I have seen them return in popularity recently as fashions hit the revival of the seventies.

7. BEACHES.     I have always considered myself fortunate that I grew up in South West England, I was never very far from the sea, a beach to walk along. To take in the sea air. The sounds of the ocean lapping against the shore. Huge waves crashing with such energy. The sealife that surrounded you, from the seagulls, to the crabs, to the cockles and whelks clinging to the rocks. I live in the country for now but know my heart yearns for the beach and the sea. To me it is instant relaxation. Not to sunbathe, but to walk, feel the sand between my toes, I can close my eyes and I am there.

Well I have shared my top seven passions as this blog develops I may share more. What are your passions?

What stirs your soul? Please I would love to hear from you, feel free to share your passions, I will always reply, don't be shy. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to blog on one of my passions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Come and join in.


  1. Is it terrible that aside from reading and writing (obviously), all I could come up with was sci-fi,old music and chocolate?

  2. No Sarah, Chocolate would have been there to for me but I thought best not to blog about it lol! Besides that means I can blog later if brain totally goes on strike. I am sure if you really had to think hard and long you would have more things you were passionate about but if not why does it matter, it is what inspires you, but we will have shared passions apart from reading and writing, that is why I wrote the post to broaden my audience.

  3. hello me chucklebutty.we have similair `passions`.
    reading-well:-adore Stephen King[read the lot over and over and watched dreadful films of the same,love them].Enid Blyton and Moonface had alot of effect during my childhood:o)
    Great passion for my 2 girlies,do them wrong and you get my wrath.
    Great passion for my work and being a dreadful control freak as i demand perfection,from myself.I have a great sense of right and values or the vulnerable peeps i support.
    FOOD!!! cooking,eating,watching telly about it,reading about it,may have something to do with voluptuous waistline.
    Travel-anywhere,love new exeriences and meeting folk-so long as they arent ignorant bigots!
    And last,but by no means least,and with no explaination needed Mr J. Depp.Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................

  4. Hi Anonymous, Well you have given me a chuckle again as usual! I will be posting on each of the above 7 passions and more if they take my fancy!!


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