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Friday, 24 June 2011

Our shared passion of Wine!

If you read the blog of last week titled my top seven passions, among them in no particular order was wine!!

It is a passion shared with my husband. We love to relax over dinner with a glass or two and we like the glass to be crystal for no other reason other than we can.

We do try to be disciplined and a bottle will last two consecutive evenings, but occasionally we will push the boat out as they say and indulge in a whole bottle between us in a evening.

We often feel we need to justify to ourselves that red wine is good for you. It has been shown by numerous studies that wine is good for heart in moderate amounts. I have worked out that we probably have 175 mls each and not every night. Your probably thinking why do we feel we need to justify our consumption, we are adults! However in a world where we are strongly advised as to what is good and what is not so for us. You can almost feel a self-regulating pressure from all the health information out there.

So why would this interest you?

Well we decided if we were only going to have moderate amounts of wine then we would have good quality wine. We are not, nor would we ever profess to be wine connoisseurs but we know what we like. I did pick up a tip years ago which may or not be true. Good wines tend to have a deep divot in the bottom of the glass bottle. I was told the deeper the divot the better the wine.

I must admit in the essence of research of course, we did test this theory and on the whole it has proven to be right! Not very scientific testing mind you, just tasting as you would.

We are not strong believers in you can only drink white wine with fish and white meat and red wine with red meats. Although I probably would not drink a heavy Burgundy or Rioja with a light dish but we do tend to drink what we like not what is dictated to.

So instead of confusing ourselves week in week out at the supermarket as to what wine we enjoyed last week but can't remember its name or they no longer stock it or the classic or just sticking to a few favorites. These were the likes of Turning leaf, Wolf Blass or Penguin, we decided to take the plunge and join a wine club.

What I can hear you now, is that like the book clubs and toy clubs, sign here your with us and our mailing list forever! No it isn't thankfully. We joined one who dispatches a box of wine to us delivered to our door (no more lugging clanking bottles home anymore) about every 12 weeks. Well you might say that is not a lot of vino well sometimes, husband is away with work or courses and I do not like to drink alone and sometimes I might indulge in a perry cider to wash down a spicy curry. So the wine stocks seem to last just long enough.

Of course if we wanted to, they will always deliver more, but we don't want to be greedy now do we!!
It has in its terms and conditions, should any wine fail to please, call us up and return for a full refund but somehow that has never happened. Sure when we were experimenting in the supermarket or wine store, we bought some not to our taste, we have discovered we prefer Spanish to French but we will try most reds we come across. So my point is if you have thought of joining a wine club, our advice, make sure it is a reputable one who will give you refunds and have good customer service but when found take the plunge, dive right in.

We did and it is one decision we have not regretted! Love to hear about your passions and your thoughts on wine or my new blog. Love you to join me, see you again on Monday! Have a great weekend and enjoy a glass or two, its good for you!!


  1. I haven't drunk red wine since I was young as it always gave me a headache - but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that might have had something to do with quality. (You know, 3 litres for 6p type thing!)

  2. Treat yourself to nice bottle does not need to be madly expensive, in later posts will talk more on different types and maybe recomendations. After all it is good for you lol!

  3. Have cut down a lot on the wine due to the effects on my skin the morning after. Saying that, I find the 'burn' is less intense if I drink a glass of soda water before and after each glass of wine. Something to do with soda being alkalizing and balancing the wines acidity. That said, I do like a nice quality red. The cheaper end tend to be too fruity for my palate. A JP Chenet or a Wolf Blass suits me more but, for really special occasions,Chateauneuf du Pape
    is my ultimate indulgence. :-)

  4. We enjoy Wolf Blass but as I said we joined this club and have not found one we did not like, although some stand out as clear favorites. We are due a new delivery soon so will be blogging on this passion again soon :-)


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